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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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La Tronche, near Grenoble, Place du Charmeyran, Family M.

Michèle M is a welcoming woman who lives in a clean and quiet apartment with...

Place du Charmeyran, La Tronche, France,

Grenoble, rue Elisée Reclus – Family M2

Catherine lives with her adopted daughter, Bountouraby (a university student) and their cat in a...

Rue Elisée Reclus, Grenoble, France, district

Grenoble, Place Victor Hugo, Family B.

The host family: Marie-Anne and Denis are a married couple with three daughters but only...

Place Victor Hugo, Grenoble, France,

La Tronche, Chemin de la Basoche, Family S.

The host family: Clotilde is a 63 year-old single woman working as a high school...

Chemin de la Basoche, La Tronche, France,

Grenoble, Rue Millet, Family E.

The host family: Elisabeth is a widow with five children: one son aged 11, is...

Rue Millet, Grenoble, France,

Corenc, near Grenoble, Chemin des Résistants, Family C.

The host family: Elisabeth and Pierre-Yves are a married couple. They have 5 children, but...

Chemin des Résistants, Corenc, France,

La Tronche, near Grenoble, Chemin du Coteau, Family D.

Laurence and Patrick are a married couple living in a beautiful house with a very...

Chemin du Coteau, La Tronche, France,

Domene, near Grenoble, Rue Henri Coeur, Family L.

The host family:  Gioseppina and Christophe are a married couple. They have one 16 year...