Please find a selection of our rooms in Grenoble.
Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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The host family:  Christophe, a 46 year-old technician is married to Gioseppina, a 51 year-old...

, district

Grenoble, Place Victor Hugo, Family B.

Homestay available in Grenoble. The host family: Anne-Marie, 55 year old, housewife, is married to...

Place Victor Hugo, Grenoble, France, district

From-2**/Per month


La Tronche, Chemin de la Basoche, Family S.

The host family: Clotilde is a 63 year-old high school professor. She enjoys reading, hiking,...

Chemin de la Basoche, La Tronche, France, district

From20**/Per month


Domène, rue Henri Cœur, Family L.

The host family: Christophe is a 46 year old Technician married to Gioseppina, a 51...

Rue Henri Cœur, Domène, France, district

Grenoble, rue Millet, Family E.

The host family: Olivier is a 59 year old dental technician married to Elisabeth, who...

Rue Millet, Grenoble, France, district

Grenoble, Chemin des Résistants, Family C.

The host family: Pierre-Yves is a financial director married to Elisabeth, who is a trainer....

Chemin des Résistants, Corenc, France, district

La Tronche, chemin du Coteau, Family D.

Meet family D. a very kind couple living in a beautiful house with a very...

Chemin du Coteau, La Tronche, France, district