Grenoble, Rue Millet, Family E.

Rue Millet,

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Television available

  • Restaurant nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


The host family:

Elisabeth and Olivier are a married couple with five children: two of them still live at home.

Olivier is a 59 year old dental technician married to Elisabeth, who is a nurse.

Family E. enjoys reading, cinema, skiing, music and art.

The house:

They live in a big apartment well located in the center of Grenoble, in a calm neighborhood.
The available room has 2 closets, a bed and a bedside table, a small fridge, a microwave and a kettle.
The host will have to share the bathroom with their 18 year old daughter.

Family E. also has a dog.


For confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish pictures of the family or the property. If you are interested in the family, we can send you photos once contact has been established. 


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