Grenoble, Place Victor Hugo, Family B.

Place Victor Hugo,

-2 /night/person
  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Television available

  • Restaurant nearby

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


The host family:

Marie-Anne and Denis are a married couple with three daughters but only one, still lives with them.

The family enjoys sports such as skiing or hiking, and loves science and music (piano, flute, tuba, bass).
They also love going to concerts, painting exhibition, theater and cinema.

The apartment:

They live in a 180m² apartment, on the last floor of the building, which offers a wonderful view on the mountain range.

The room available has a double bed, a desk and a big closet.


Public transport nearby:

  • Buses and tramway stops are just in front of the apartment at “Place Victor Hugo”


For confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish pictures of the family or the property. If you are interested in the family, we can send you photos once contact has been established. 


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